A glass of carbon-zero milk?

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Fonterra has launched the country’s first carbon-zero milk, giving consumers an opportunity to put their money on the environment

Fonterra has joined forces with retailer Foodstuffs to create and sell Simply Milk. The milk is the country’s first carbon-zero milk, as well as the first carbon-zero milk available in the southern hemisphere.

Simply Milk has been certified carbon-zero through the purchase of carbon credits from Toitu Envirocare. The carbon credits relate to projects in New Zealand and overseas, which offset the carbon emissions of making Simply Milk. Toitu Envirocare evaluated carbon emissions from making Simply Milk, through the entire supply chain, including farming, production, distribution as well as eventual consumption and disposal. The company then worked with Fonterra and retailer Foodstuffs to identify projects to offset emissions. 

The carbon-zero milk is available at several Foodstuffs retailers and retails for NZ$4.32 for 2l Simply Milk Standard, compared to NZ$3.74 for 2l Value Standard Milk and NZ$4.80 for 2l Anchor Blue Milk.

Fonterra’s director global sustainability Carolyn Mortland said the milk would enable the company to support the regeneration of 7.5sq km of native forest near Kaikoura and support renewable energy programs in overseas markets.

New Zealand has made a commitment to reach net zero by 2050 with development of low carbon technologies vital to success.

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