COVID shifting consumer preferences

Nov 1, 2021 | Innovation | 0 comments

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Consumer demands are changing as a result of the pandemic – more are worried about health

Kerry Group’s whitepaper Understanding Consumer Drivers in Beverages has examined health priorities driving the functional beverage market among just over 2,500 beverage consumers across the UK, Germany, Poland and Spain. Its sponsors conclude it shows consumers are increasingly looking for products that have a more holistic approaches towards health, diet and lifestyle.

The whitepaper revealed that almost two-thirds of respondents (65%) are more worried about their health since the start of the pandemic. When asked specifically about which health concerns were more important, 59% cited immunity and 50% said mental health is now a priority. 39% of respondents are finding fortification is more important when it comes to their health since the pandemic began. The research also indicates just over half of all Europeans attach equal importance to taste and delivery of functional benefit.

The whitepaper shows consumers are willing to pay a premium for beverages with a functional benefit and go back to the product if it has proven benefits. Breda said research shows that there’s a growing demand for products that address a broad spectrum of health concerns, including mental health support with younger age groups worrying about body-mind wellness and mental health.

Kerry’s whitepaper projects the functional beverage market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6% until 2025 as more consumers look for products with added benefits.


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