Food as treatment against anxiety

Feb 11, 2022 | Innovation | 0 comments

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Research and development have identified milk ingredients with potential for developing safer and more effective treatments for a range of psychiatric, metabolic and cognitive disorders 

Massachusetts-based biotech company Lactocore Group has applied for two patents related to peptide therapeutic agents that treat mental disorders and metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes. The company has experience in peptide R&D, having previously used a computer-based peptide discovery engine with AI-enabled modules using rapid and cost-efficient proof of principle studies cutting the costs of drug discovery. 

By using mass spectrometry, bioinformatics analysis and a proprietary 3D docking and scoring algorithms, Lactocore is identifying novel regulatory peptides and turning them into medications. The company’s research has found a previously unknown family of peptides with biological activity in anxiety and depression.

Lactocore Group CEO Anton Malyshev said peptides isolated from milk hydrolysates offers massive advantages over conventional drugs when it comes to treating chronic diseases due to their inherent safety. The company plans to leverage its research to bring a new suite of safe and highly effective drugs to a burgeoning mental healthcare market. 

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