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Mar 29, 2022 | Innovation | 0 comments

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Danone customers will be able to follow infant formula products’ journey from paddock to tin with the company’s Track & Connect service

With Track & Connect Danone provides greater transparency for consumers and offer a unique opportunity to data-driven personalised after-sales support and services for specific baby formula brands sold in China, France, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

The dual QR code packaging which supports both consumers and retailers, letting shoppers verify the quality and authenticity of the formula, while providing a new way for consumers to connect with the brand for after-sales support and services. Thus far, baby formula brands such as Aptamil, Karicare, Laboratoire Gallia and Nutrilon have dual QR code packaging with one QR code placed on the outer pack, and another printed behind a tamper-resistant seal which can only be scanned after purchase.

Customers can access a brand page containing verified information such as where and when the formula was manufactured and see the product journey through the supply chain. Danone plans to use the dual QR codes to introduce customised after-sale support and services that consumers value, including health and nutrition apps and information, access to customer helplines or online e-commerce services.

Using blockchain, serialisation and aggregation technology, Danone offers secure methods of storing data and information of its baby formula products through its supply chain. The company’s vice president operations Danone specialised nutrition David Boulanger said the innovation enables Danone to offer one of the most comprehensive traceability services I the baby formula industry, connecting to consumers and retailers to offer them after sales services they value.

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