New NZ govt, new climate approach?

Oct 31, 2023 | Policy | 0 comments

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It will be interesting to see, should the Nationals ag policy be implemented how many sectors will take up the GM opportunity. The NZ carbon balance sheet is heavily dependent on forestry at present, can the proposed changes deliver on the 2050 target?

The Labour government has been swept from power in New Zealand, with the Nationals set to form a coalition government with libertarian part Act. While Labour lost seats to the right, the Green Party and Te Pati Maori also gained votes from those wanting greater action on climate, investment in social security and better outcomes for Maori.

What does it mean for climate policy and agriculture in Aoteroa? Leading up to the election, the Nationals committed to reaching Net Zero by 2050 – but through technology, not less production. National announced we will remove the ban on gene technology which will help give farmers the tools they need to reduce methane emissions, such as gene edited crops, feed, and livestock. The pre-election policy also undertook to recognise on-farm sequestration, keeping agriculture out of the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme, but implementing fair and sustainable pricing for emissions by 2030, and limiting the conversion of productive farmland to forestry for carbon farming purposes.      

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