New yogurt cultures tackle food waste

Mar 26, 2022 | Innovation | 0 comments

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Royal DSM has launched new bioactive cultures which naturally extend yogurt’s shelf life is helping combat food waste, ensuring dairy isn’t just produced to be discarded

Dutch Royal DSM has launched four new DelvoGuard bioprotective cultures, providing cost-effective solutions to yogurt manufacturers, improving the quality and safety of dairy products. Not only does the new culture range give better control over post-acidification, gas production and decolourisation but it also improves creaminess and mouthfeel.

According to DSM, data shows that in Europe 20% of dairy products are lost or wasted every year totalling 29m tonnes, with company research confirming that 9% of yogurt waste occurs after consumers buy the product.

Yogurt presents an interesting challenge shelf life needs to be balanced with taste, texture, pricing and labelling requirements, while not impacting manufacturing processes. One of the key contributors to spoilage during shelf life is microbial contamination from mold or yeast, presenting a complex challenge for manufacturers. It’s also important to maintain the natural positioning as more than 30% of yogurt launches in the past five years have displayed ‘natural’ claims.

Royal DSM’s new culture range protects yogurts against the growth of mold and yeast by days or weeks and is expected to keep yogurts fresher for longer while maintaining great taste and texture.

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